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Denise Richards bikini photo

Denise Richards

Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Denise Richards looking hotter in a bikini! That light green bikini looks fantastic against her smooth tanned skin!



Candice Swanepoel Bikini Photo

Model Candice Swanepoel has a jaw-dropping figure, but then again I guess that’s why she has this job. Here she has on a bold blue bikini with contrasting black trims. The bra-like top has black straps and bands with quilted underwire cups. The bottoms simply have a wide black band at the waist while the rest is blue. The bikini is minimal in design but I love the that bright, vibrant blue.



Kristen Bell Bikini Photo

Kristen Bell is a cute and perky little actress so I’m wondering why she’s wearing these granny-like full butt bottoms. The blue pattern is nice, and I like the bandeau top with the straps and gathering at the center, but the big bottoms are throwing me off. If it was a slightly skimpier bottom I’d like this bikini more. Maybe it’s more of a retro look that she’s going for. Regardless, she has an awesome little body so I guess it doesn’t really matter what she wears.

Photo Credit: Flynet



Christina Ricci Bikini Photo

Hey, remember Christina Ricci? I had always wondered what happened to her. Well it turns out she spent some time getting tatted up. Other than that I really don’t have an answer. Here’s a pic of her in a navy blue bikini. A simple suit with a triangle top and basic bikini brief. No bells and/or whistles unless you count the necklace and gold gladiator sandals, which I guess is a nice touch because otherwise this look would have been utterly boring.

Photo Credit: INFdaily



Serena Williams Bikini Photo

Tennis star Serena Williams was seen splashing around at the beach in a bikini. I like the blue print on her halter top. It’s a nice mix of colors and it’s not a tiny print which I think would look weird on a big top. Not sure if she mixed and matched with the white bottoms or if the suit was sold that way, but it’s a nice look. Bonus points for accessorizing with long gold chains, but serious demerits for the crazy long nails. Yeesh.

Photo Credit: Fame



Rihanna Bikini Photo

Over the long weekend Rihanna was seen splashing around in Hawaii. Wearing a turquoise and black geometric print bikini, the popular singer showed off her nice bod and bevy of tattoos (what’s with the gun, seriously). The bikini looks great on her and fits her perfectly, the color looks really nice too. I like the demi-cup style of the underwire top and the skinny halter tie. Overall, Riri is looking good while having fun.

Photo Credit: Flynet, PacificCoastNews



Tracy Ryerson Bikini Photo

Here’s Tracy Ryerson off to do a little surfing in an aqua colored bikini. I like the summery color of this suit and the extra little touches of gold accents. I prefer subtle details over giant bling and think the metal decor is perfect, plus the color goes well with the turquoise-colored bikini. The halter top fits her perfectly and is a great choice to wear for any surfing/tumbling around in the water. Bonus for accessorizing the bikini with necklaces and bracelets too!

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews



Laura Vandervoort Bikini Photo

Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort is showing she has what it takes to film the sequel to Into The Blue. I really like the blue and white halter top bikini she has on.  The print looks like something between a Ming dynasty vase and a koi pond, but the bold blue looks fantastic.  It’s the perfect fit too but it helps to have a great physique like hers.  Looking good, Laura!

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews



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