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Jessica Simpson bikini photo

Jessica Simpson bikini photo

Here’s Jessica Simpson looking noticeably sad in her green, orange, and brown bikini. Don’t frown Jessica, you’re still cute as a baby fart!



Chloe Sevigny bikini pic

Chloe Sevigny

Here we’ve got a great candid pic of the gorgeous Chloe Sevigny in a black bikini. She’s not wearing any makeup, which to some may make her appear plain, but I think she looks fantastic, and the choice of classic black in a bikini is a good one.



Chloe Sevigny Bikini Photo

Chloe Sevigny, known for her odd and avant-garde sense of style, undoubtedly has a great body.  Not too skinny, not too muscular, not too tan, just a great well-toned figure all around.  Now, with such a lovely figure to show off, it’s a bit odd that she’s not wearing a cuter looking bikini.  But then again, she’s not really known for wearing traditionally cute stuff.  The red paisley-looking butterfly bikini actually suits her style.  I like the wooden accents on the bottoms (I’m a fan of fun trims) and think this quirky print works for her.  If it was on anyone else I’d probably bash the look, but on her it works.

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