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Halle Berry bikini photos

Here’s the always gorgeous Halle Berry walking along the beach in a print bikini top and sexy little shorts. Halle can rock a bikini like no one else we know of.



Jessica Simpson bikini photo

Jessica Simpson bikini photo

Here’s Jessica Simpson looking noticeably sad in her green, orange, and brown bikini. Don’t frown Jessica, you’re still cute as a baby fart!



More Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay we hope you can settle your legal troubles and get back to entertaining us! In the meantime, we’ve got this fantastic bikini photo of Lindsay to admire. That animal print bikini sure looks great against her cute freckled skin.



Heather Locklear bikini photo

Heather Locklear

You’d be forgiven for thinking this photo of Heather Locklear is old, but this is recent! Heather is looking great as ever these days, and in this picture she’s totally rocking a red bikini Baywatch-style.



Denise Richards bikini photo

Denise Richards

Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Denise Richards looking hotter in a bikini! That light green bikini looks fantastic against her smooth tanned skin!



Chloe Sevigny bikini pic

Chloe Sevigny

Here we’ve got a great candid pic of the gorgeous Chloe Sevigny in a black bikini. She’s not wearing any makeup, which to some may make her appear plain, but I think she looks fantastic, and the choice of classic black in a bikini is a good one.



Beyonce Knowles bikini shot

Here we catch a glimpse of Beyonce Knowles, who still has an absolutely slammin’ body. It’s not hard to tell what Jay-Z sees in her. In this photo she’s wearing a cute neon green bikini with a cutesy design on the right breast. She’s accented quite nicely by her sexy belly button jewelry.

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