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Shauna Sand Bikini Photo

Oh Shauna Sand, when are you not in a bikini? Here she is in another little wonder of swimwear showing off her assets at the beach. I’m OK with the mixing and matching of a brown print top with a solid orange bottom. What I’m not OK with is the fact that her bikini tops always seem to be two sizes too small. Some may thing it’s hot, but I for one, think it’s not.

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Shauna Sand Bikini Photo

Yes, it’s Shauna Sand again and yes, she’s wearing leopard print again. This time it’s pink and looks too small. The skimpy bikini, bleached blonde hair, heavy eyeliner and pastel pink lips adds up to a look that’s more trashy than classy. For once I’d like to see her in a bikini that’s the right size and her sporting a more natural look, but I guess if she did that then no one would be taking photos of her anymore.

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Shauna Sand Bikini Photo

Looks like Shauna Sand might need to take a break from all the sunbathing because she’s starting to look as dark as leather. Aside from all the bling, the heavy makeup and the enormous sunglasses, she looks decent in the leopard print string bikini. It almost matches the color of her skin. I’m slightly worried that the string ties around her neck might break with such large…assets…being stuffed into a tiny top. I suppose, for everyone else, having neck ties dig into your neck would be uncomfortable, that is of course unless you’re Shauna Sand.

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Shauna Sand Bikini Picture

Shauna Sand Bikini Picture

Shauna Sand was seen here playfully kicking up waves in a sexy leopard print bikini.  Though there does not seem to be a single flaw with her perfectly toned body, she does appear to have some strange tattoos at both wrists.  There is a dark circle at each wrist, resembling some kind of creepy stigmata.  It also looks like the spray tan missed a spot on one arm, as there is a line of white skin.  Overall, Shauna seems to be having a great time playing in the waves as she shows off an amazing body, tattoos and tanning blunders aside.

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