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Serena Williams Bikini Photo

Tennis star Serena Williams was seen splashing around at the beach in a bikini. I like the blue print on her halter top. It’s a nice mix of colors and it’s not a tiny print which I think would look weird on a big top. Not sure if she mixed and matched with the white bottoms or if the suit was sold that way, but it’s a nice look. Bonus points for accessorizing with long gold chains, but serious demerits for the crazy long nails. Yeesh.

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Serena Williams Bikini Picture

Serena Williams certainly looks like she is having fun here. With her arms up in a victory pose, it appears she has just gained a point in some sort of water sport.  What about her lingerie-inspired bikini?  In emerald green with lace cups, the top certainly looks like an actual bra, though it is cute.  However, I am not sure that the skimpy bottom is the right proportion for her muscular legs.  Perhaps this ensemble would be more fitting for the bedroom.  Either way, her athletic body does look great, and her truly happy smile brings a glow that can be seen from miles away.

Photo Credit: Flynet

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