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Paulina Rubio Bikini Photo

I like the color of the bikini singer Paulina Rubio has on. I’m a sucker for aqua-green colors. I like the faint white stripes on it too, makes it less boring. Not much else to report on though. The triangle top looks fine, as does the string tie bottoms. I think I see some beading on it but I could just be seeing things.

Photo Credit: Flynet, INFdaily



Paulina Rubio Bikini Picture

Paulina Rubio Bikini Picture

I am not exactly sure what I think of pregnant women wearing bikinis. I do know, however that this is not the best look for Paulina Rubio.  First of all, it seems like she might be one of those women who will gain weight all over, rather than just a round belly.  If you didn’t know she was pregnant, you would just think she has gotten fat.  Aside from her body shape, the pattern on her string bikini is painfully boring, yet ugly.  Perhaps all of these elements would not be so noticeable if it were not for the strange monkey-like dance that she seems to be doing.  Oh, Paulina.

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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