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Michelle Hunziker Bikini Photo

I’m usually a fan of wearing colors to the beach, but Michelle Hunziker is taking it too far with this bikini. This string bikini looks like someone was a big fan of Rainbow Brite. There’s just too much going on with all the colors and the stripes. It’s not a terribly flattering pattern and the whole thing looks like a slapdash effort to piece together a bikini.

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Michelle Hunziker Bikini Photo

Swiss model and actress Michelle Hunziker was snapped at the beach wearing a fuschia pink-colored bikini.  It’s not just any pink bikini though.  This one is covered in sequins.  Usually sequins are reserved for evening wear, bags, sometimes shoes, but you rarely see them on bikinis and I think, for this reason, that this suit is cool.  Not only is it a bikini in a bright color, but it’s covered in shimmering sequins.  I think it’s a very stylish look with the string-tie style adding additional sex appeal.  The overall look suits her and I think she wears it very well.

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