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Lindsay we hope you can settle your legal troubles and get back to entertaining us! In the meantime, we’ve got this fantastic bikini photo of Lindsay to admire. That animal print bikini sure looks great against her cute freckled skin.



Lindsay Lohan Bikini Photo

These days, I guess it’s impossible to avoid the topic of Lindsay Lohan but let’s focus our attention on the bikini, shall we?  I think she was celebrating her birthday in Vegas when this pic was snapped.  I give points for it being stylish but not over the top weird.  I think unique suits like this are OK if you’re not planning to spend the entire day in the sun, otherwise the resulting tan lines would be awful.  This orange-red color works for her too.  The shoes, however, not so much.  Those clunkers are just plain obnoxious.

Photo Credit: SplashNewsOnline

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