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Kim Kardashian Bikini Photo

Kim knows how to dress to impress. This patterned navy bikini is accented with bright neon coral-colored straps that make the suit pop. The triangle top has little polka dot prints on it, while the bottom has horizontal stripes. Plus, the neon straps are double-stranded which is a nice extra touch.

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Kim Kardashian Bikini Photo

Kim Kardashian knows how to impress. The woman pretty much has it down to a science. Here, she’s splashing around in a blue gray string bikini with silver ring accents. I give props to her for wearing a color that’s rarely seen at the beach. I mean really, this color gray is pretty much reserved for dolphins and sharks but she looks good in it. Then again, this sister looks awesome in pretty much everything.

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Kim Kardashian Bikini Picture

Kim Kardashian bikini picture

Check out Kim Kardashian on a yacht while wearing a tiny string bikini. She’s got a plate of fruit at her side and looks as though she’s reading a text message while working on her tan. I wonder if she’s on a diet or something, why the fruit? Where are the Pina Coladas? It looks like one of those “Can you hear me now” cell phone commercials! Ok so back to the subject, Kim Kardashian in a string bikini, I think she looks great.

Photo Credit: SplashNewsOnline, Fame, Bauer-Griffin

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