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Katy Perry Bikini Photo

Here’s a photo of Katy Perry in a mint green bikini. There’s not much to say about this string bikini – it’s a triangle top with pretty average bikini bottom. No pattern, no trims, no embellishments, no jewelry either. But at least she has a cool hat on, so she gets points for that, but that’s it.

Photo Credit: Flynet



Katy Perry Bikini Photo

I think on anyone else this bubble gum pink bikini would look completely dowdy.  With the girlie color, the big ruffles and the underwire, it’d come off looking rather frumpy.  Katy Perry though, has already established a reputation for wearing quirky things, so when I saw her in this retro bikini, it wasn’t that big of a deal.  The woman’s a little wild and weird so seeing her in a slightly odd bikini isn’t big news.  At least her bottoms aren’t falling off and she’s not spilling out of her top.

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin, SplashNewsOnline

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