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Kate Bosworth Bikini Photo

Cute bikini, Kate! The strapless bandeau has a small V in the center, or maybe it’s a tiny zipper, and the bottoms have a nice big bow on the side. I like this unique color on this bikini. The diamond pattern has a mix of oranges, yellows, pinks and taupes and is one of the more interesting suits that I’ve seen in a while.

Photo Credit: Flynet



Kate Bosworth Bikini Picture

Kate Bosworth Bikini Picture

Kate Bosworth is seen at this park posing in front of her boyfriend in a purple print bikini.  While the print is very cute, the bottom seems a bit saggy for her tiny little body.  The triangle top looks great though, and even coordinates with the lovely flowers we see in the background.  Could this have been intentional?  What exactly is she doing, anyway?  It seems that she may have commanded her boyfriend to read her scripts to her while she stands there looking pretty.  Talented, beautiful and rich, she has every right to make a few demands.  If only she would step forward a little and get some sun on that pasty skin, she could have him fanning her and feeding her strawberries as well.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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