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Jenni Farley (JWoWW) Bikini Photo

JWoWW certainly loves her frilly, lacy bikinis. This hot pink one is trimmed with black lace and I’m sure is often mistaken for lingerie. There’s no doubt that this girl loves the lacy look, I’m just not sure it’s a great look for the water. Then again, it is the Jersey Shore and it’s entirely possible that area is in it’s own microcosm.

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JWoWW Bikini Picture

Again with the lace! As you probably remember, yesterday’s post included JWoWW wearing a black bikini trimmed in pink lace.  Here she is seen strolling with her beach chair and silver stilettos wearing a blue bikini with white lace trim.  With the lacy sides at the bottom, I think this suit may actually look more like lingerie than the previous choice.  I do like her silk cover-up in a vibrant blue print, but it would look much better paired with a shimmering Lycra fabric than it does with this bra and panty set.  Maybe if she would at least switch the shiny silver stilettos for some beach appropriate flats.

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Jenni Farley a.k.a. JWoWW Bikini Picture

Jenni Farley a.k.a. JWoWW Bikini Picture

Reality diva JWoWW was spotted exiting the water at this beach in a black bikini trimmed in pink lace.  Aside from the halter chain, it is a bit difficult to tell if she is wearing a lacy bra or bikini top.  I think that guy behind her might be thinking the same thing.  Jenni also wears large plastic hoops in hot pink and sunglasses trimmed in a lighter pink.  I think one or the other would have looked cute, but both are wildly distracting.  She does, however have a fairly nice body.  If she could learn how to tone down the accessories and abundance of lace, she might actually look hot.

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