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Heidi Montag Bikini Photo

I don’t know how Heidi Montag became a household name but at least she’s putting her insane breast enhancement to good use and wearing a cute bikini. The purple and citrus-colored tie dye pattern makes for a nice blend of colors. I like the gold starfish decor on the top and bottoms too. I’m not sure how the strapless bandeau top is staying up but I guess it looks alright on her now odd and disproportionate body. The bottoms are cute though – I like the subtly ruffled edges and the string ties.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews



Heidi Montag Bikini Picture

Heidi Montag Bikini Picture

Heidi Montag is seen posing here in a pink bedazzled string bikini. Her toned, tan body looks great with platinum blond hair.  It does seem that her breasts are not far from the size of the beach ball she holds, which may look a bit silly in proportion to her tiny mid-section.  Overall, the sparkling bikini paired with white heels on that body still makes for a sexy picture.  After all, what man would complain?

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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